My name is Toni Baldwin and I'm a creative director based in Atlanta, Georgia. I started Graphics By T in 2005 after needing a website but not wanting to spend $10,000 (I was only 9 years old at the time). I began teaching myself code using the Internet and the rest is history. While my company has been around since 2005, it wasn't until January 2010 that I opened the doors of my company to the public after only doing graphic designs and creative direction for myself on my other projects. Since then, Graphics By T has grown from websites and logos to full graphic design, website and app development, branding, and much more. My work has been seen by thousands and in the summer of 2016, featured on CNN along with many satisfied clients. Graphics By T aims to complete your vision and translate it to the web in the most beautiful and efficient way.


Being only 21 years old and having over 12 years of experience may sound unbelievable to some but to me, it's a very proud accomplishment. I began designing websites at 9 years old using and gradually improved my coding through research coupled with trial and error. I eventually moved onto designing logos, my own album artwork, posters, and other small designs.

By 14, I began designing for friends and clients that I met through school. I continued growing Graphics By T all throughout my high school career which resulted in multiple new websites for clients, classmates, and multiple variations of my own personal website This resulted in a massive amount of attention for people of all walks of life who needed their vision represented on the web.

Now after a little over 3 years after high school and still being self taught, I've completed over 20 different websites, launched 3 mobile apps, and my company has grown nationwide and worked with clients all over the United States. Graphics By T evolved from only websites to now full creative direction providing graphics of all kind whether it be a new website, mobile app, or illustrations for social media or video production work. 


While I am self taught, the quality of my work is on level with those who attended schooling for graphic design and marketing. I've completed the creative direction as well as design and branding of many projects often helping to craft a brand image when the client did not have a clear vision. I've also completed many marketing projects directly with the top social networking companies to authentically and organically grow my client's audience as well as increase their overall engagement.

Because I am so experienced in building developing websites, mobile apps, and creating personalized graphic designs, I'm able to complete almost all of the websites that I build within 21 business days of beginning a project. My work never suffers from my quick turn around as all sites are built quickly, effeciently, and correctly. 

If you have a vision or question whether or not something can work, I can help you bring your vision to life as well as direct you as a professional so your project can be the best it can be.