How much will my website cost?

All Graphics By T websites are built from the ground up and because each Graphics By T website is built to fit the needs of each customer, we do not work on existing websites. The price reflects this as well as our expertise in the digital media and design world and the 21 business day turn around. Those aspects of expertise and customization include the number of pages, the type of website (e-commerce, personal, public figure, ect.), and the type of design. The pricing on your website is entirely based on the the amount of pages and the complexity of the website however all websites start at $2,000. For a free consultation on your website, please request a quote here on the contact page.

How long will it take to complete my project?

All Graphics By T website commissions are completed within 21 business days (Monday - Saturday, 10AM - 5PM, excluding US holidays) of receiving the content depending on the client's approval. To ensure that your website is completed as soon as possible, content must be provided within 5 business days from the time of the deposit. I do try to keep all project times under 21 business days to accommodate as many clients as possible. All Graphics By T customers must sign a work contract before work can begin. All other graphics (logos, posters, clothing prints, and music artwork designs) are completed within 14 business days of concept approval.

Do you create or provide content for my site?

I offer complete full service websites meaning you website will be completed with pre-selected content. Full service website pricing starts at $3,500. You will need to provide me with an outline in order for me to do this. I will not and cannot (legally), however, look through search engines such as Google or Bing to find content for your site. For any website photos, I will license photos needed and that will be reflected in the final price for your website. I cannot take content from any other website. If there are any specific photos or certain content (such as biographies, contact information, etc.) you would like for your website, please provide those and ensure you own the copyright or have obtained the necessary licenses to use the photos. Graphics By T is not responsible for any legal fees or notices from the original content owner if you do not have the correct legal rights. All full service websites are completed within 14 business days. For more information on a full service website, please request a quote via the contact page here.

Who do you do business with?

I work with any and all clients who need a website. You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are not at least 18 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian contact me and complete all contractual agreements on your behalf. You must be able to enter into a legally binding contract as all Graphics By T clients must sign a work contract. Graphics By T also reserved the right to decline the building of a website for any reason such as the content of the website.

How do you accept payment?

I accept cash and card payments. Graphics By T does NOT accept checks or money orders. For card payments, the payments will be processed over the phone or email invoice through PayPal Merchant services. 50% of the total cost is due before the project can begin, this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE as stated in the Graphics By T work contract. Once the site is complete, the other 50% is due before the site is released to you to go live. This payment process was chosen because of how quickly your website will be ready. You will receive 1 invoice from Graphics By T with the initial 50% of your project due, unless there are enhancements to your project. All invoices must be paid the same business day, if work is completed and the invoice has been sent before 5 PM. For all other Graphics By T services that are not websites, 100% of payment is due before work begins. The 50% deposit applies only to website projects.

Can other people make changes to my website or logo?

I do not allow other people, designers, or companies, other than yourself, to make any design or layout changes on sites that I have created or changes to any banners or logos that I have created under any circumstances. This clause is included in the work contract under. Having someone to update content on your website for you is not included under this clause. Having another designer or design company change the design or layout will be breach of contract. I will request that you revert the website back to its finished state within 2 business days. If the changes are not reverted back to their original state, Graphics By T will move forward with legal action. For this reason, I also do not complete work on existing websites or websites created by another designer or company. All Graphics By T projects are completed from start to finish and are tailored to fit the needs of each client.

What do you build your websites on?

I'm experienced with many platforms such as,,, and I'm a Squarespace Specialist however, I've build many sites on different platforms. I currently offer websites and e-commerce stores on,,, (and,, and I use these platforms for their availability, hosting price, as well as their functionality. I will also consult you on the best platform to build your website on.

Can you manage my website and/or social media account?

Yes I can. There is a fee for $200/month for your website management or $400/month for website management and technical support and $250/month per social network plus your marketing budget (if your management includes a marketing plan). For your website this includes any design changes, website updates, regular maintenance, and any other website needs you may have (if the technical support package is purchased). For your social media accounts, I market your account to help you gain followers and build engagement with your brand. I'll schedule updates to post on your behalf once approved, however, I do not reply back to mentions or messages left on your account. All likes and followers that you will gain are 100% real as I work directly with both Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram's advertising departments. Your information is also always safe with Graphics By T.

Do you host my website or store my content?

I do NOT offer website hosting. Your hosting provider will be hosting your website and the hosting will depend on your website needs. I will store the content (photos, videos, text, ect.) needed to create your website at the Graphics By T office on a secure drive. I will only keep your content for the amount of time that you are my client. If our working relationship is terminated, I will pass along the content that you own. Any content, graphics, or images created by Graphics By T is copyrighted and owned by Graphics By T and will not be turned over for use by another graphic designer or graphic design company due to copyrights.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email here.