How long will it take to complete my project?

All Graphics By T website commissions are completed within 21 business days or less (Mon-Fri 10AM EST-5PM EST)* of receiving the deposit. Additional work days can be added but additional charges will occur. I do try to keep all project times under 21 business days to accommodate as many clients as possible. All Graphics By T customers must sign a work contract as well as pay a deposit before work can begin. All other graphics (logos, posters, clothing prints, and music artwork designs) are completed within 14 business days of concept approval.

*Your project can be completed on weekends or by a sooner requested deadline. Additional rush and/or after hours fees may occur. Graphics By T works on Saturdays by appointment only.

How can I communicate my vision with you when we work together?

Once you have a booked a project with me, I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out for the project unless you’ve already provided me with a brief. When we receive the questionnaire, a 30 minute meeting either in person or via phone or Skype call will be scheduled to go over your responses. After this, I (or yourself if you prefer) will create a brand board on Pinterest if you don’t already have a brand. When you approve the brand board, work on your project will begin. You will also be able to email or call me during business hours to stay in constant contact with me with any additional information throughout the process.

How do you accept payment + do you offer refunds?

I accept card payments via PayPal. You will be invoiced once your project is officially booked. There is a 50% non-refundable deposit once work begins on your project. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of your project and before your project launches. If you choose to no longer continue your project with Graphics By T after your deposit is paid, your deposit will not be refunded and the work completed will not be released to you. If you purchased a social media or design service, no refunds will be given once work has begun. Clients unresponsive to contact for more than 5 business days* will have their deposit forfeited and their project will not be completed without an inconvenience fee.

*If there is a time frame discussed before the work contract has been signed, this does not apply.

Can other people make changes to my project?

I do not allow other people, designers, or companies, other than the original customer, to make any design or layout changes on sites that I have created or changes to any banners or logos that I have created. This clause is included in the work contract under Copyright. Having someone to update content on your website for you is not included under this clause. Having another designer or design company change the design or layout will be breach of contract. I will request that you revert the website back to its finished state within 2 business days. If the changes are not reverted back to their original state, Graphics By T will move forward with legal action. For this reason, I also do not complete work on existing websites or websites created by another designer or company. I do, however, complete work on and complete client built sites. All Graphics By T projects are completed from start to finish and are tailored to fit the needs of each client.

What do you build your websites on?

I'm experienced with many platforms such as,, and I'm a Squarespace Specialist and authorized Squarespace Trainer however, I've build many sites on different platforms. I currently offer websites and e-commerce stores on,, and,, and I use these platforms for their availability, hosting price, as well as their functionality. I will also consult you on the best platform to build your website on.

Is there anything I should purchase or have completed before we start?

Clients are responsible for purchasing their own hosting on whichever platform they will be hosting their project on, their desired domain, and secure their desired social media handles (unless the branding package is purchased) prior to work beginning on your project. Graphics By T does not complete any purchases of domains, hosting, or email accounts as part of the contracts. Clients are also responsible for completing and providing any content they wish to have on their website unless the content creation option is added onto your purchased package.

Do you host my website or store my content?

I do NOT offer website hosting. Your hosting provider will be hosting your website and the hosting will depend on your website needs. I will store the content (photos, videos, text, ect.) needed to create your website only keep your content for the amount of time that you are my client. If our working relationship is terminated, I will pass along the content that you own. Any content, graphics, or images created by Graphics By T is copyrighted and owned by Graphics By T and will not be turned over for use by another graphic designer or graphic design company due to copyrights.

If you have any other questions, please send an email here.